Who is BMan?

Diamond Cutter

Diamond Cutter

This is the story of BMan, Brian Lawrence Frederick, a Tampa-based writer who recently hit his reset button. We’ve all been there, asking questions like, “What am I doing with my life?”  At the age of 34, Brian was in the deepest rut of his life. Suffering from a debilitating depression, and a paralyzing social anxiety condition, the young author was at risk for losing it all.

His conditions cost him his dream job when his employer lost faith in his recovery. His therapist refused to see him when he became too fearful to leave the house to see her. The final straw came when he gave up on himself.

Suicide became an issue to contend with.

For months, Brian was a hostage in his own home. A victim of his own fears and failures.

That’s when Arthur Boorman arrived. That’s when 3 Time former WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page showed up.
It was Arthur’s inspiring video, saving his own life through Page’s DDPYoga system that sparked a fire inside of BMan. If a Veteran who needed canes to walk could save himself, why couldn’t he?

The answer is that he can. The answer is that he is:

“Every day is a battle, but your life is truly yours. And you need to own it. We only have one go round, and the only thing you’ll truly regret are the things you never tried. Life is not a rental. So own it. Get it. Live it.”


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