The Minor Victory Program: MVP #1

Anyone with social anxiety can tell you that every restaurant you enter, every store you go into, any place in public, is a potential war zone. That’s why anxiety sufferers avoid public places. Constant worry. “What will people think of me? What if I piss someone off? What if something happens?” It never ends.

Went to dinner with the fiance last night, we were really in need of a night out. The restaurant was packed, and I resisted the temptation to Xanax myself through it. Everything was going great, and then, for an anxiety ridden guy, the worst. Someone I knew walked in. Someone I used to work with who is great friends with some of my old friends. The ones who gave up on me.

Normally I would have panicked, but I’m living my life at 90% now.

“What if she sees me? Well, she’s going to see me eat this hamburger, that’s what. Good for her.” 🙂

No panic attack. Another small victory. They all add up. I rocked it, and will continue to do so. This is my life. I deserve to live it.

No real DDPyoga scheduled today, but couldn’t resist doing the ten minute Wake Up work out. I love that one. Not too much strain or sweat, but totally energizes your body for the day.

Stay strong, and keep living guys!


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